How to Become a Permitee

Become a Permittee of IATSE Local 634

Permittees in Local 634 are able to express their availability for daily and weekly work on our Daily Availability List, published on our website Monday to Friday.

In addition, there are Training and potential employment opportunities that they would be made aware of as a part of our email communications. Hours of work performed under the Collective Agreement will count towards eventual Membership in Local 634.

There are several prerequisites to becoming a Permittee. Local 634 requires a proof of the applicants participation in a Film Work Orientation Seminar. The Local offers this seminar at regular intervals, and participation must be booked through the link provided below. A full list of required prerequisites is listed below.

  1. Completion of a Film Orientation seminar, either Local 634’s or an appropriate substitute.

  2. Completion of the OGS Sustainability seminar (OSG SUSTAINABILITY COURSE- /DigitalLibrary/OGS/CarbonLiteracyTraining.aspx)

  3. WHMIS certification

  4. Any category-specific licensing. IE- Drivers licences, Hair licence, etc.

Upon completion of these prerequisites, the applicant should forward proofs of completion as well as the following information for inclusion on the Permit List. This information should be included on the application form (link below).

  • Name

  • Address and closest large centre (ie. Sudbury, North Bay)

  • Categories of interest (x 2 maximum)

  • Phone and email contact information

  • Proof of any training certifications/licences that are appropriate.

Please request a Permittee Application Form by emailing [email protected]

The next Permit Orientation Workshop will be taking place on the following dates, please follow the link to register:

Applicant emails or questions should be forwarded by email to [email protected]