September 24, 2020
12:00 AM

Brothers, Sisters and Kin.

I am writing this with great sadness due to the passing of our union brother and my friend, Bryan Lee. I wanted to send something out to all of you, whether you knew him or not, because of the type of person he was. I spoke to Bryan the evening before he passed and we had a great chat, as we often did, because as much as Bryan had a hyper and eccentric personality, It was always nice to talk to someone that wasn’t easily shaken. No matter how fucked up of a situation I was in it never seemed to faze Bryan and he was always willing to help.

I met Bryan on the set of Eye Witness many years ago and I immediately did not like him. I was adjusting the headlights on Trevor Langin’s “new” 1986 powder blue T-Top Firebird and Bryan limped onto the scene. I found out later he had injured himself jumping over a quarry on a dirt bike because he: “Wanted to test it out for the stunt guys”. The first thing he said to me was a comment about how no one from north of Highway 7 knew much about cars or anything else. I was not impressed! I started warming up to him later when I found out that Bryan not only lived well north of highway 7 but that he was from Beaverton and was just trying to get a rise out of me. That was Bryan, a habitual line stepper and button pusher.

Some time later on the tech scout for Cardinal 2, we were leaving Peninsula rd. and Bryan had raced ahead and was waiting for the convoy to pass in his tinted SUV with a cop light on the dash and was hanging out the window with a radar gun. I knew then that we were going to be great friends. I could share a lot of funny stories, but the shenanigans are only a small part of what I will remember about Bryan. He once spent over 2 hours, in the dark, trying to get the heater going on my sister’s camper because the weather had turned. When it just would not work, he gave her the keys to his hotel room because he was heading home for a couple days anyway. I was working in Toronto and was having problems with my vehicle so I called Bryan and asked if he could recommend a mechanic. Within the hour he handed me keys to a rental and had his mechanic working on my SUV, free of charge. I could go on, but he always did these things with no ulterior motives and that is what I appreciated most about him. As much as he was a Wildman at times, he was a truly kind and generous person and a great friend.

The lasting image I have of Bryan is going to his house for the first time and as I came around the corner onto his street, he was standing in the middle of the road with a huge smile on his face chasing his dog around with a massive remote control truck.

Rest in peace Brother, you will be missed.


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