In Memoriam of Thomas Green

June 25, 2020
12:00 AM

“Brothers, Sisters and Kin It is my unfortunate duty to announcing the passing of “Uncle” Tom Green. His body was discovered in his ‘Happy Place’ (his family cottage) last Thursday June 18th. According to paramedics and the coroner he passed suddenly during the night. I know how much it meant to him to have become a member of IATSE, and his loss will be felt in the industry as it has been for my family. He was a source of constant positivity and encouragement for anyone he worked with on set, and especially for me. Uncle Tom was a world class gymnast, winning two gold medals at the Canadian National Gymnastics Championships in trampoline as well as another Gold Medal at Worlds in double mini-tramp. This success drove him to a larger audience as he travelled to Las Vegas with the ambitions to create a one of a kind trampoline act. After success in Las Vegas he worked at many circuses and performed around the world and at home at Epcot Center, The CNE, Canadas Wonderland, alongside tv appearances on The Paul Daniels Magic Show and David Letterman, in addition to many accolades and successes (the list goes on and on!) It wasn’t hard to get lost in his crazy stories, and he was always ready to hold court and tell them. As Tom got older performing on the trampoline became physically impossible, and that’s how he ended up with us. Uncle Tom left Florida to be my best boy and work in the film industry. We worked together and shared a career and a life together for the next couple of years, and we developed Team Green. We worked together on Backcountry, House of Versace, Letterkenny, Stepchild, What Would Sal Do?, Mum’s The Word, Snipped in the Bud, Dearly Depotted, A Perfect Christmas, For Love and Honour, I’ll be home for Christmas, Angelique's Isle, Audience of Chairs, Angel Falls, Christmas Encore, Room for Romance and Christmas Calendar. When the physical demands of gripping forced Tom to retire again, IATSE was there and our members helped him transition to the transportation department. His big personality, many stories, and his unfazed ability to stay cool, calm and positive will be missed by many. So long Uncle Tom.