Are you interested in working with IATSE 634?

To Become a Member of IATSE Local 634

To apply for Membership in IATSE 634, you must be able to prove residency in the 634 jurisdiction for at least 18 months previous to the date of application. Must have applied to be a permittee and been accepted. A notice of assessment is required for this. Each Department has its own criteria for acceptance. Please request an application form by email. This application form should be sent to the union office along with all application supporting documents. Include a resume detailing film or any related experience, a current picture, proof of residency, and any licenses or certifications you currently hold. Also required, are 3 letters of reference from any IATSE Members. Transport applicants must include a driver’s abstract and a copy of their AZ or DZ license in order to apply. If you are applying for the Hair department, you must include a copy of your license. These are all required before your application will be brought up for a vote at the next regular membership meeting. Please send hard copies of all documents. You should also have proof that you completed 90 days or 720 hours of work in any one motion picture department while working under a collective agreement as a registered permit. The info prior must be sent all at once in one package or application will be rejected.

The application must be accompanied by a cheque, cash, or e-transfer for the sum of $300.00. $100 of this amount will be paid to IATSE International (non-refundable), and the remaining $200 is to be held by IATSE 634. If your application is denied, the Local portion of $200 will be refunded. Cheques should be made out to “IATSE LOCAL 634”.

The mailing address is:

c/o Keith Clausen
PO Box 68
Naughton Ont.
P0M 2M0

Once received and reviewed, with fees collected, the application will be reviewed by the members attending the Local’s next meeting and either be accepted or denied by a vote of those present. If approved, the application will be forwarded to the New York office by mail for their final approval. A successful applicant will be added to the members list and website. An unsuccessful applicant will receive a $200 refund of the fee.

Please forward any questions to:

Keith Clausen
IATSE Local 634
[email protected]

To Become a Permittee in IATSE Local 634

Permittees in Local 634 are able to express their availability for daily and weekly work on our Daily Availability List, published on our website Monday to Friday.

In addition, there are Training and potential employment opportunities that they would be made aware of as a part of our email communications. Hours of work performed under the Collective Agreement will count towards eventual Membership in Local 634.

There are several prerequisites to becoming a Permittee. Local 634 requires a proof of the applicants participation in a Film Work Orientation Seminar. The Local offers this seminar at regular intervals, and participation must be booked through the link provided below. A full list of required prerequisites is listed below.

1. completion of a Film Orientation seminar, either Local 634’s or an appropriate substitute.

2. completion of the OGS Sustainability seminar (OSG SUSTAINABILITY COURSE-

3. WHMIS certification

4. Any category-specific licensing. IE- Drivers licences, Hair licence, etc.

Upon completion of these prerequisites, the applicant should forward proofs of completion as well as the following information for inclusion on the Permit List. This information should be included on the application form (link below).


Address and closest large centre (ie. Sudbury, North Bay)

Categories of interest (x 2 maximum)

Phone and email contact information

Proof of any training certifications/licences that are appropriate.

Please request a Permittee Application Form by emailing [email protected]

The next Permit Orientation Workshop will be taking February 18th 12:00-5pm ( Please click on this link to register-Add link to registration for Orientation here

Applicant emails or questions should be forwarded by email to [email protected]